MAY 20 - JUNE 25, 2016


Evans Contemporary is pleased to present The Layers, an exhibition of paintings by Toronto based artist, Katie Lyle.


Lyle's paintings and drawings investigate diverse aspects of the portrait. Fiction, recognition, myth making, and mimicry have been explored throughout her work. In Lyle's most recent paintings, the artist utilizes an assortment of materials to reference the skin of the body: cellophane and a cut-off shirt collar, small metal studs, oil paint and canvas. Like the skin of an apple or the earth's crust, the top layer of her paintings is supported by a thick dermis of connective tissue. The Layers are the collision of moving physical matter and ideas, a record of decisions, this works, this doesn't work, this nose is too pointy, this head is too oblong. The Layers are peeled back by aestheticians and restorers to show us what things could've been, while at the same time it is the act of layering that contributes to the whole. The Layers expose the amateur, and the genius. They show how something was made, what was reworked and finessed, what was scrapped and what was covered up.

Katie Lyle is a visual artist based in Toronto. Recent projects include Movements for a Room, a collaborative performance with Shelby Wright, Guys and Boots at HPI (Toronto) and The End of Vandalism at Erin Stump Projects (Toronto). Group exhibitions include exhibitions at Model Project Space (Vancouver), Garden Gallery (Toronto),  The Nanaimo Art Gallery, Deluge Contemporary Art (Victoria), Art Metropole (Toronto) and Division Gallery (Montreal). She has received grants from both the Toronto Arts Council and Ontario Arts Council.


The artist wishes to gratefully acknowledge the support of the Toronto Arts Council.





Evans Contemporary would like to thank Katie Lyle, Anne Jaeger, Patricia Kyle, Peter Lafleur, and Lauren Tregenza.



Evans Contemporary gratefully acknowledges the support of Peterborough/Barcelona based CM Consulting