APRIL 6 – APRIL 28, 2018





Evans Contemporary is pleased to host Theoretical Stellar Remnants, the debut exhibition of the intangible, and opaque collective, Open Cluster CR-50.


Showcasing elusive, text and symbol based paintings produced from instructions brought forward by the collective’s conceptual ideas, word-play, games, correspondence, and the group’s diverse backgrounds, Evans Contemporary provides the concrete artifact for the collective’s ethereal ideas.


With Theoretical Stellar Remnants, members of the collective have collaborated using the internet, and social media, to develop a series of instructions for the execution of a visual art exhibition using the medium of painting. The concepts and collaboration have been built upon, through a series of text based cues, and elaborated upon through the use of word games, deletion, critique, and co-operation, in an abstract, exquisite corpse like manner. The physical production of the project is executed by a representative, or deputy, who in turn, uses the instructions, and completed narratives, to execute the tangible artifact. What the viewer encounters in the gallery is the end result of the collective process, and now just the product of the collaboration.


Open Cluster CR-50’s ambiguous membership is constantly in a state of flux, expanding and contracting and with an unfixed and indeterminate number of members. It’s borderless, global membership, at any one time, can be comprised of a vast range of member appointments and professions, making its goals and definition undefined, and imperceptible, and allowing it to elude categorization.


The collective’s experimental and elusive nature, allow it the freedom to work outside the constraints of any one system, and their projects can range anywhere in the spectrum of visual art, science, architecture, music, theatre, performance, culinary arts, sound, environmental practices, and beyond.





Evans Contemporary is dedicated to the presentation of creative projects by national and international contemporary artists. Located in Peterborough, Ontario, the gallery is situated off the courtyard of a late Victorian building in the heart of the café and arts district. Its mandate is to launch contemporary exhibitions every four to six weeks and offer a unique space for special projects and new endeavours for each exhibiting artist, while allowing artists to present projects that transcend the trends of the commercial visual art market.

Evans Contemporary falls just outside of the entrenched public and private gallery sectors. It is privately owned and operated, and runs as a negative profit exhibition space. Through its generous supporters and patrons, it serves to provide exceptional, contemporary exhibitions to a region underserviced by visual culture. The gallery serves as a rallying point for artists, cultural workers and art lovers of the Kawartha Lakes region. In addition to its physical exhibitions, and openings, Evans Contemporary coordinates online documentation and publications for each exhibition. Operating as an amalgamation of artist-run centre, museum, institute, and private foundation, Evans Contemporary fills a void in the cultural landscape of the region, plays an important role as a leader in the cultural fabric of Peterborough and the Kawartha region, and stands as a signifying site of local culture.